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Our Services Include:

Claims Advocacy

The provision of a claims manual and support in developing claims procedures.

In the event of a claim, Adcor will promote a timely response from underwriters and negotiate settlement to minimise the impact to the ongoing business activities.

Contract Reviews

Contracts can create complex interactions between a number of interested parties, such as the principals, financiers, lead contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, utility providers and customers.

Adcor will support and advise clients with a review and commentary on the indemnity and insurance clauses of contracts and purchase orders from an insurance perspective. An important part of the brokers service is the advice on proposed risk allocation and appropriate insurance provisions within contracts.

These discussions should always take place at the contract drafting stage, as it is difficult to make changes once contracts have been agreed. Hence early involvement of Adcor is essential, and we will review the draft contracts with a view to:

  • Ensuring contractual insurance requirements are clear, consistent, reasonable, and provide a positive balance of responsibility in favour of our clients.
  • Removing or softening requirements imposed by other parties that will be difficult (or impossible) to comply with when the insurance is placed.
  • Identifying any potential for gaps in insurance coverage and providing recommendations to address them.

Risk Profiling

We will manage the facilitation of a workshop to discuss and ultimately assist you in producing a risk register detailing the business risks, the financial impact and what mitigation strategies are (or could be) in place to reduce or remove the risks.

This exercise is greatly beneficial in promoting clients as a risk aware company that looks to avoid losses as insurers are more likely to provide enhanced coverage and more cost effective premiums where this process is implemented.

Risk profiling will promote the most favourable premium rates and highest level of cover from the underwriting panel. Underwriters place great emphasis on the provision of comprehensive technical information and review of potential risks. This will achieve cost effective insurance solutions with the broadest possible cover.

Following the workshops Adcor can prepare underwriting submissions that:

  • Provides easy access to information pertinent to the insurers.
  • Presents the business risks in the best light to underwriters.
  • Demonstrates that risk exposures are managed to an appropriate level.
  • Creates competition between insurers.

Project Budgeting

Where a client is in the process of feasibility studies relating to construction projects, Adcor can assist in developing strategies around proposed insurance programmes for both the construction and operational phases. We can advise on the likely premium costs and deductibles, allowing these to be factored into the project budgeting process.

Insurance Placement Design

The completion of a review of all insurances required or currently arranged. Followed by the design, recommendation and execution of a placement strategy. This forms an integral part of a renewal to ensure overlaps of policy coverage (and the issues associated with two insurers contributing to the same loss) or even worse, a gap in cover that falls between two policies.

Complex and High Hazard Insurance Programmes

Adcor have a reputation for finding solutions to complex and difficult risks in high hazard exposure industries. Our experience covers many of the businesses that most brokers prefer to avoid.

Bespoke Programme Solutions

We look to provide bespoke solutions to clients risk and insurance requirements. Our focus is to design an insurance programme that fits the client rather than looking for off the shelf products.

Client Ecosystem

At Adcor we believe that our role as broker is not just risk and insurance. We are passionate about helping our clients via our strong client community where all parties can benefit from an introduction. Our focus on added value over and above our core services sets us apart from our peers.


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