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The Directors at Adcor have long been involved with the mining industry offering risk management and insurance advice. Working with principals and contractors across all aspects of the mining life cycle, including exploration, development, construction and operational. Our focus on understanding the clients business and associated risks allows us to design insurance programmes that fit and evolve with the ever changing risk profile of a mining company.

Bringing an in-depth experience of mining construction projects and operational sites, we offer a personalised service managed on a day to day basis by one of the Directors. Across single and multiple sites, Australian & internationally located and a full range of commodities we can design and implement solutions around the risk and insurance requirements of all mining-related companies.

We understand the important and changing contractual landscape, and the requirement to assist mining principals in the insurance and indemnity conditions often required to de-risk exposure. We pride ourselves on accurate and commercial advice as well as assistance in the negotiation of those insurance and indemnity clauses.

For companies seeking an alternative to the large American international firms or small general brokers, Adcor is an experienced, boutique, mining-focused risk consultancy and insurance broker offering a personal service by an experienced senior team.


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