Our Values

At Adcor we think about who and what we are, very seriously. The combined experiences of our team brought us together, as we found we had similar values and ideas about the way our industry operates, how it and the products it provides are viewed and received by its clients and how we felt it should be.

For this reason the following values are those that every member of Adcor has adopted. They determine the way we deal with each other and most importantly our clients.

Our aim is to be the best in everything we do.

Our Vision

A leading provider of innovative risk and insurance solutions to the Australian mining, utilities and infrastructure sectors.

The Essence of Our Business

Traditional values provide everything at the core of insurance service or product – trust, respect and integrity. At the same time, we must constantly strive not to just deliver the norm but look for new ways of doing things to make it easier for our clients. 

Our Brand Pillars

Adcor will be defined by our Brand Pillars, the sum of these determine what we stand for. Our promise to our stakeholders are;

Innovative Thinking 

  • We don’t provide cut and paste solutions and recognise that each client’s needs are different. We think outside the box to deliver bespoke solutions.
  • Our nimbleness and flexibility enables us to deliver solutions to complex challenges.
  • We only hire people that fit our progressive style and culture so we can work effectively together to think outside the box.
  • Our innovative staff ownership company scheme means that all our people are constantly challenging new ways to deliver value.


  • The depth of knowledge and experience across our teams means that our clients can rely upon us to deliver excellent outcomes.
  • Our team has a diverse range of skills and insurance experience totalling 100+ years
  • You are never dealing with just one person – we are a highly collaborative team and draw upon our diverse experience to deliver our clients a excellent solution.
  • We offer specialised industry knowledge in key sectors such as mining, construction and utilities and many more.
  • All our team has international expertise and connections so we can provide comprehensive solutions for your international operations.

Quality Relationships

  • We are passionate about building strong client relationships. We treat our client’s businesses like our own. We grow with our clients.
  • We nurture long-term client relationships by providing excellent value and peace of mind in complex areas that present risk to their business. We are in effect, our client’s partners as they rely on our expertise and advice.
  • Our team is very personable and approachable. We want to have an open and enjoyable relationship with all our clients.
  • While we strive to be innovative, we advocate strong traditional values in our approach and provide our service with integrity and trust working in the utmost good faith for our clients.


  • We don’t believe in making things complicated. Our job is to make things easy for our clients so our team of experts works through the problems and provides you with simple easy to understand options.
  • Insurance can be a complex business so we will always strive to keep things simple for our clients while providing them with the peace of mind that their insurance needs are sorted.

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